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Sally Hansen

Brand Refresh

Design Agency: Anomaly

Sally Hansen is a beauty brand started in 1957 and when asked to redesign this iconic logo, it was important to stay true to ourselves by not alienating our current consumer but to elevate and modernize to drive brand awareness. Orange is a key asset to the brand. It's eye-catching and recognizable in which exudes positivity, creativity and confidence. The ask was to maintain this brand color but explore within its parameters in order to communicate premium yet accessible.

Once complete, the new logo was rolled out to the multiple franchise categories: nail color, nail care, beauty tools, hair removal and body makeup to create a cohesive brand portfolio. The brand anthem "Shetopia", below, was one of the first platforms to introduce our consumers of all ages, shapes, nationalities and interests to our updated identity



Elevate and modernize the logo and color to make it more relevant for her while reinforcing our iconic status.


Staying true to ourselves using a refreshed approach to the existing identity while being recognizable, confident and solid to feel like more like an ownable mark than a signature,

 in a modern shade of orange.


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